Corneal phototherapy has opened up a new therapeutic area in veterinary medicine. Thanks to the Vetuvir® medical device, developed by Vision Engineering Italy, it is now possible to use chemical-physical treatment methods and NOT biological molecules, such as antibiotics, to treat corneal infections efficently.
The VET-CXL® protocol with Vetuvir® has been shown, in the multicentre randomized controlled clinical trial “VEI_vet01”, to be on average 80% more effective for the treatment of septic corneal ulcers in dogs and horses than topical antimicrobial therapy.
The advantages of the innovative VET-CXL® treatment paradigm over topical antimicrobial therapy are numerous because:
• it is based on a photochemical mechanism of action
• it strengthens the corneal structure
• it is not selective
• it does not induce resistance to antibiotics