Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. General terms and conditions of sale

The terms and conditions apply to the online purchase of the “Vetuvir” UV-A illumination device, and its accessorries, the “Visioflavin” riboflavin ophthalmic solution, and the Ozodrop ozonated vegetable oil ophthalmic solution for the exclusive use in veterinary medicine on the website www.vetuvir.com. The customer must read and accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the site, before proceeding with the online purchase.

  1. Identification of the seller

The seller is Vision Engineering Italy srl, with registered office in Rome (Italy) via Livenza 3, 00198 VAT no. 12726971000, registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.

  1. Contacts

For further information and assistance regarding online purchases, guarantees and requests, the customer is invited to contact the customer service of Vision Engineering Italy srl at the following e-mail address: visioengvet@visioeng.com.

  1. Definitions

The word “Seller” means Vision Engineering Italy srl, with registered office in Rome (Italy) via Livenza 3, 00198 VAT no. 12726971000, registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Rome. The natural or legal person who purchases the products in relation to his/her professional activity, according to the instructions of the site and the general terms and conditions of sale, is the “customer”. The “Online Sales Contract” or “Contract” indicates the agreement between seller and customer regarding the product or products to which both figures adhere within a remote sales system organized by the seller through electronic means. “Purchase order” or “order” means the online purchase order made by the customer using the online form available in the e-commerce site and which constitutes the purchase proposal of the product by the customer. “Packaging” means the original packaging of the product and includes instructions, information and product certificate. “Product” or “Products” means the device “Vetuvir” and the “Accessories”, the ophthalmic solutions “Visioflavin” and “Ozodrop” for exclusive use in veterinary medicine. “Site” means the website www.vetuvir.com owned by the seller.

  1. Price

The sales prices of the product shown on the site are reported in Euro. Unless otherwise indicated, prices exclude VAT, where applicable. Sales prices include shipping costs in Italy. For other destinations, the cost of express shipments may vary depending on the final destination, as indicated on the website when ordering. Additional costs of shipping may vary from the country of origin (Italy) and must be indicated on the website and shown in the purchase order. The selling price of the products does not include customs tariffs imposed by the destination country. Shipments to EU member countries are not subject to additional costs, in accordance with art. 7 of Presidential Decree 633/1972. The prices of the products are those indicated on the website at the time of accepting the purchase of the products by the customer. The seller reserves the right to change the shipping prices without notice. The new prices will be applied to purchase orders placed after the publication of new prices for shipments on the site.

  1. Procedure for the purchase of products

The online sales contracts are executed through direct access to the website by the customer where the online sales contract must be executed following the instructions of the site. To purchase the products, the customer must complete and send the purchase order to the seller following the instructions of the site. The customer must accept the terms and conditions of sale and select the desired payment method. All purchase orders sent to the seller must be completed in all parts and must contain all the identifying information of the customer, the product ordered and the shipping address. The seller has the right, at its discretion, not to accept incomplete or incorrectly placed purchase orders. It is not allowed to provide false and/or invented information. The information and the e-mail address sent by the customer must not refer to third parties and/or be invented. The purchase order sent to the seller constitutes the client’s online contract proposal, containing information on the characteristics of each individual product, the amount, the method of payment, the deadline and methods of delivery, the shipping costs and additional costs if any. By sending the purchase order, the customer unconditionally accepts the terms and conditions of sale and confirms to be aware of any information contained on the website (including the general conditions for using the website and the privacy policy). With regard to the invoice of the purchase order, the seller must check the information provided by the customer and send an e-mail to the e-mail address indicated in the order that includes the taking charge of the order. The customer can cancel the order before the arrival of the aforementioned email. In case of impossibility to complete the order, the customer will be contacted and informed with prior notice by the customer service. The contract is deemed to be completed by both parties with the receipt by the customer of the confirmation e-mail sent by the seller. The confirmation e-mail must contain a summary of the general terms of sale, the details of the product purchased, the cost including the shipping costs and additional costs if any (e.g., customs law, taxes, etc.), the method of payment selected by the customer, the complete address of the customer, the information regarding the product support service and the shipping information. The customer must promptly verify the content of the confirmation e-mail sent by the seller and notify in case of errors and omissions by sending an e-mail to the customer service. However, purchase orders sent by the customer may not have effect or not be accepted if the seller suspects that the information provided by the customer is false and/or invented. In this case, the contract can be considered as not concluded and the seller must send by e-mail a notice stating the refusal of the order and the failure of the conclusion of the contract. The seller will have to file each purchase order in the database according to section 2 lett. b) of Legislative Decree Italian 70/2003. The customer, if registered at the website, will be authorized to enter the website at any time to check the status of the order, through the login on the website. If not registered, the order must be filed in the seller’s database and must provide the customer with a registration account to access the “Orders” section. The customer can still be authorized to check the status of the order, sending an email to customer service and specifying the details of the order.

  1. Legal guarantee of the product

The seller guarantees, in accordance with the EU Directive 1999/44 / EC, that the product does not contain material or design defects and complies with the specifications indicated on the site for 24 months from delivery of the product to the customer. The activation of the warranty, under penalty of nullity, must be requested by the customer, advising the seller by e-mail, demonstrating all product defects within 30 days from the day of discovery, activating the re-entry procedure described in section 9 “Return procedure”.
The seller has the right to verify the existence of the defect or lack of conformity of the product, and to repair or replace it only after verification. In the absence of defects, the seller has the right to charge the customer for the costs of verification, recovery and transport. It is specifically excluded the responsibility of the seller for damages and defects caused by an improper and / or unauthorized use of the product.

  1. Return procedure

To make the return of the products, as described in section 8 “Legal guarantee of the product”, the customer must send an email to visioengvet@visioeng.com. The seller must then send the customer a GUARANTEE FORM to allow the return of the products. Except for cases of return of defective goods, as described in section 8, the shipping costs for the return of the goods must be borne by the customer. Without prejudice to section 8, the customer will also be authorized to exercise the right of withdrawal, or decide to return the product, without reason and at his expense within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product at the shipping address by filling out the WITHDRAWAL FORM, requested by email to: visioengvet@visioeng.com, and obtain a refund of the purchase price including taxes (if applied), subject to 15% re-storage fee. The same return modalities indicated above will be applied. The reimbursement of the price of the product for which the withdrawal was exercised and, where foreseen, of the shipping costs, is made within 60 days from the receipt of the communication of withdrawal of the customer.

  1. Responsibility of the seller – force majeure

The seller is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by force majeure events, of any type and cause, should it not be possible to deliver the product within the terms established by the agreement and in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale. By providing some examples without restriction, events of force majeure may refer to orders of public authorities, strike by seller’s employees, courier or third party employees and other events and/or circumstances that cannot be controlled or attributed to the seller. The seller, except for cases of unlawful professional conduct or total negligence, will not be responsible for interruptions or malfunctions related to the use of Internet that are beyond its control or its collaborators. The seller and its collaborators cannot be considered responsible for any damages, losses or costs incurred by the customer as a result of the non-conclusion of the online sales contract due to circumstances not attributable to the seller. The seller tries to ensure the constant updating of the website; in any case, errors and/or inaccuracies may occur (typing errors, inaccuracies and/or omissions, for example, relating to price and product details). Therefore, the seller has the right to correct any errors, omissions or inaccuracies present on the website, even after receiving the purchase order, updating any information on the website, at any time and without notice. In no case will the seller be responsible for damage caused to persons or property due to incorrect and/or unauthorized use of the product. The results of the use, even correct, of the product, cannot under any circumstances be considered as exhaustive nor have a prescription value, diagnostic analysis or to replace the intervention of an authorized doctor or other figures in the medical field. In no case is the seller responsible for any damage caused to persons or property resulting from failure to observe these measures and warnings. Except for cases of unlawful professional conduct or total negligence, the responsibility of the seller, in any case, must be limited to the price of the product purchased by the customer.

  1. Personal data processing

In accordance with the Privacy Policy published on the website, the seller hereby informs the customer that the personal data provided will be processed by the seller manually or by computer or electronic means, and by qualified personnel, for the following purposes: a) conclusion of the sales contract; b) carry out any action relating to the online sales contract; c) carrying out specific requests and information signed by the customer regarding the products. The provision of data by the customer is at his discretion, but the data are necessary for the conclusion and execution of the online sales contract. The lack of data precludes the conclusion and/or execution of the online sales contract or the fulfillment of the specific request for information requested by the customer. For more information click on the “Policy sulla Privacy”section..

  1. Correction of the general terms and conditions

The seller has the right to modify the general terms and conditions of sale at any time. These conditions, valid for the customer, must be those existing at the time of the presentation of the purchase order by the customer, if the changes are not required by valid laws or by the authorities (in which cases the requested changes can be applied also to pending purchase orders).

  1. Notice – Legal Notice

With reference to the products sold on the website, which may be qualified as “medical devices”, the seller specifies that all website content related to such products (images, texts, drawings, attachments, etc.) cannot be considered advertising. All contents of the website must be interpreted as aimed at making customers and potential buyers aware of the products sold by the seller on the web. The products are for exclusive use in veterinary medicine.

  1. Complaints

Any complaints from the customer, for any reason, must be addressed to the seller at the following address: Vision Engineering Italy Srl, with offices in Via Livenza 3, 00198 Rome, Italy, to the courteous attention of Customer Service or via e-mail to address visioengvet@visioeng.com.

  1. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The online sales contract and the general terms and conditions must be regulated and interpreted according to the disposition of these terms and conditions, together with the Italian laws. The application of the Vienna Convention, the international sale of goods is excluded. Any dispute regarding the interpretation, execution and validity of the terms and conditions of sale and the online sales contract must be sent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome (Italy).

Payment and Shipping Methods and Costs

  1. Payments

Each payment by the customer must be made by bank transfer in advance. The information is received directly and exclusively from the banks that authorize the payment and will communicate the outcome of the transaction to the seller. In the case of reimbursement of the purchase, the sum will be transferred to the customer’s bank account.

  1. Billing

For each purchase order, the seller must issue an invoice or receipt based on the information provided by the customer during the order. No correction can be made after its issue. Once the payment has been made, the invoice will be sent electronically by the seller.

  1. Shipping method

The seller will ship the products to the customer by courier, from Monday to Friday (Saturday, Sunday and holidays excluded). The terms of delivery must be considered purely indicative. The seller is not liable for unforeseen delays and/or delays attributable to the courier. Except for events of force majeure, the delivery time is 60 days from the conclusion of the contract (for example, from receipt by the customer of the order confirmation by e-mail). The seller will send the customer an e-mail confirming the shipment, along with the tracking number that will allow the customer to track the status of the shipment from the courier’s website. The products will be shipped to the address specified in the purchase order and only the customer or a person authorized by the same (minimum age of 18) may be authorized to sign the document certifying the delivery of the product. Deliveries to post office boxes cannot be accepted or carried out. On the shipment of the product by the courier, the customer must check that: a) the number of packages corresponds to the information in the transport document (DDT); b) that the package is not damaged or otherwise altered, including packaging materials. Any damage to the package and/or packaging and/or product or the incompatibility between the number of packages and the information reported, must be reported in writing by the customer in the dedicated section of the transport document. In this case, the customer must refuse the package without opening it, and the seller, once received the package, will arrange a new shipment of the product ordered. Should the customer sign the transport document without objections, he/she will not be able to complain about the conditions of the package received..

Customer service

Vision Engineering Italy srl offers a flexible support for information, repair and maintenance of products. Support is provided through several procedures:

Email: for all requests for information and assistance on our products you can send an e-mail to visioengvet@visioeng.com,or fill out the customer support form..

Telephone: for immediate technical assistance, we have set up a remote assistance center. By contacting our technicians, you can receive by phone or MMS at +39 331.34.38.300, the indications to solve minor technical problems.