Vetuvir is the first UV-A medical device developed for exclusive use in veterinary medicine for the treatment of corneal infections with the VET-CXL® procedure.
The innovative UV-A device has been engineered to meet the veterinarians’ needs; for this reason, it holds unique technical characteristics, such as:
portability, thanks to its compact size and carrying bag;
two treatment modalities, which can be selected based on the indication of use (corneal infections or corneal degeneration);
ease of use, thanks to the electronic control of the two treatment modalities;
bluetooth remote control ready;
• main components, which have been designed to customize treatment in veterinary medicine (pets or horses).

The VET-CXL® procedure with Vetuvir® has numerous advantages including:
• it is effective in monotherapy
rapid procedure (less than fifteen minutes)
• greater efficacy than topical antimicrobial therapy
does not induce antimicrobial resistance
• can be used as adjuvant therapy to topical antimicrobials