Weva 2019

Dr. Claire Orzalesi and Prof. Rodolfo Gialletti will present the outcome of the clinical study on the efficacy of corneal phototherapy with Vetuvir and Visioflavin for the treatment of corneal ulcers in horses. The talk is one of the key ones at the 2019 World Equine Veterinary Association Congress (http://www.weva2019.eu/) and will be taken on Friday 4 October at 2.40 pm at the Verona Congress Center. The controlled clinical study conducted at the University of Perugia showed that corneal photo therapy with Vetuvir and Visioflavin is 91% more effective than gold standard (antimicrobial eye drops)  for treating corneal ulcers in horses.

Vision Engineering Italy is pleased to present its innovation to the world of veterinary specialists.