How does VET-CXL work

The VET-CXL® protocol consists of irradiating the cornea with high UV-A power density, 30 mW/cm2, after soaking the tissue with a high-concentration riboflavin ophthalmic solution. Only one treatment, taking about 15 minutes, is sufficient to successfully heal severe corneal infections.
The VET-CXL® protocol has the dual, microbicidal and corneal cross-linking, mechanism of action. The photochemical action induced by the VET-CXL® procedure is instantaneous and consists in the lysis of the micro-organisms’ cell membranes and in the generation of new chemical bonds across corneal proteins.

The VET-CXL® protocol can be performed using the Vetuvir® and Equirvis® medical devices, which have been developed for exclusive use in veterinary medicine.
An increasing number of veterinarians across Europe are testing the efficacy of our innovative devices for caring of our faithful pets.