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VISIOFLAVIN is an ophthalmic solution containing riboflavin and enhancers for exclusive use in veterinary medicine.
The purpose of VISIOFLAVIN is to enrich the corneal tissue with riboflavin and to enhance efficacy of corneal phototherapy with VETUVIR.

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Indications for use
VISIOFLAVIN must be used in combination with VETUVIR for:

  • treatment of infectious keratitis and septic corneal ulcers
  • treatment of ectatic corneal diseases
  • treatment of bullous keratopathy

It is for exclusive use in veterinary medicine

How to use

Prior to UV-A irradiation, the cornea must be permeated with riboflavin. Instill VISIOFLAVIN for 20 minutes onto the affected cornea. You may use our applicator ring for easier corneal soaking. After adequate permeation of the cornea with VISIOFLAVIN, turn on VETUVIR for completing corneal phototherapy.


Riboflavin sodium phosphate and enharcers (sodium edetate, tromethamine).

Legal notice

By purchasing VISIOFLAVIN on this web site, you agree to use the product exclusively in veterinary medicine.


1 vial containing 1.5 ml of solution.

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Technical features


1 flacone contenente 1.5 ml di soluzione.