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VETUVIR is a portable UV-A device for exclusive use in veterinary medicine. VETUVIR opens the new frontier for treating efficiently and rapidly corneal infections in small and large animals.

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Indications for use

  • treatment of infectious keratitis and septic corneal ulcers
  • treatment of ectatic corneal diseases
  • treatment of bullous keratopathy

How to use
Corneal phototherapy with VETUVIR consists in irradiating by ultraviolet light (UV-A) the cornea after having adequately soaked it with the photosensitive riboflavin solution VISIOFLAVIN.
Treatment with VETUVIR is performed in a single operating session, with or without the need for anesthesia; it takes 20-30 minutes according on the illumination modality of the cornea.

Package compositions
Vetuvir device, focuser, adapter for focuser, optical fiber, wall power supply, portable battery, Vetuvir bag.

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Technical features

Weight 2.5 kg
Selectable light intensity

10 mW/cm² e 30 mW/cm²

Ultra-compact and portable

Easy to use

Bluetooth set-up for remote control