Corneal infections, such as infectious keratitis and corneal ulcers, represent the most common ocular diseases in dogs and cats; they also account for 50% of equine ophthalmology cases (running in races is the cause in more than 60% of the cases).
Corneal infections often represent an ophthalmic emergency. During summer time or in hot climates, these diseases can lead to serious complications leading to vision loss.
Isolated micro-organisms from infectious keratitis include Gram positive (40-50%), Gram negative (45-50%), fungi (5-10%) and viruses (<5%). Staphylococci and streptococci accounts for more than 60% of bacterial isolates from dogs, cats and horses with infectious keratitis. Unfortunately, antibiotic resistance of cocci to all commercially available antibiotics has been dramatically increasing and has emerged as a very significant health care problem in the last decade.
There is high demand for solving the need of more effective therapies for corneal infections without increasing the risk of antibiotic resistance: our solution to this demanding problem is VET-CXL®.